Focus + Brain Boosting Nootropic Supplement
Focus + Brain Boosting Nootropic Supplement

    Focus + Brain Boosting Nootropic Supplement

    86 reviews

      Ever feel as if you could focus better? Ever need help "accessing your brain"? We felt the same, so we decided to fix it!

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      Formulated to deliver laser focus and enable you to unlock your full potential.

      Give yourself a competitive advantage, no matter if you're a CEO, Ph.D. student, Nurse, or Professional Athlete. Our synergistic formula targets the synthesis of powerful neurotransmitters to take your mental stamina and cognitive capabilities to new heights.


      • Mental Clarity + Energy Boosting*
      • Laser-like Focus + Memory Support*
      • Mastermind Ambition + No Crash*


      Ingredients: Serving Size - 1 capsule

      • Alpha GPC (50%) - 300mg
      • Bacopa Extract - 150mg
      • Caffeine Anhydrous - 125mg
      • Hesperidin 92% (Citrus Sinesis [peel]) - 50mg
      • Theacrine (Teacrine®) - 35mg
      • Mucuna Pruriens (60% l-dopa) - 35mg
      • BioPerine® black pepper fruit extract - 5mg
      • Huperzine-A (aerial plant) - 50mcg
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      Texas K.
      Amazing! Helps me with Day to Day Activities!

      For so long I drank cup after cup of coffee to even wake up and focus on what I was even going to do for the day. Ever since I start F’ing Focus My Life has been so much F’ing Better! My mood is happier, I feel wide awake without a crash afterwards. I get things done that would usually take me a week to do as in chores. Dishes would take a few hours to all day. Simply sweeping my home would take at least three days is now done in a flash. I am detail oriented and this makes everything in my life run smoothly. Thank You So Much!! One more thing I should point out it Does Not keep you awake at night if you take it properly. Thank You Again!

      Shaunessy V.
      I actually did sh*t

      I am diagnosed ADD ADHD since the 3rd grade, and honestly.. is severe.. It has become depressing how little I can actually accomplish. I HATE the usual prescribed meds, and trust me I have tried them all.. Adderal, Riddilin, Concerta, Focalin.. etc... you name it, I've been prescribed it. I, with skepticism, tried F'ing Focus, fully expecting to hate it... I WAS WRONG. After taking the first pill I kind of forgot about it and starting working as per usual.. there were no jitters, no weird buzzy feeling in my head, no shakes, no OCD-like tendencies. Just brighter, clearer focus and thought. I accomplished almost 3 time the work I usually accomplish. In my job the more i can accomplish the more $$ I can make. This stuff is going to make my bonus checks SO D*MN FAT!! The next day, same thing, took the pill on my way to work got to my desk and ACTUALLY worked! OH AND THE KICKER... I SLEPT like a baby that night. F YOU Adderal! F'ing Focus and i are a thing now:)

      Charlie J.

      It is awesome!!! I let my roommate try it today and hes ready to subscribe himself great job guys

      Richard M.
      very good product”

      I have tried the supplements this was is much better !!

      Tammy H.
      Amazing product!

      I got the samples because I was hesitant to spend the money, a couple hours after I took my first one I ordered them instantly. I had a problem with opioids for a while. I used to take one every morning like a cup of coffee. Now I take one of these and I’m totally off the opioids! Might be only my case (placebo effect) but either way it worked for me and I am forever grateful. I will never stop ordering this product as long as it’s made. Might have saved my life as tacky as that sounds :). Keep up the great work guys/gals! @Curionic -

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