F'ing Clarity Sample - Mental Clarity, Memory + Brain Boosting Supplement

    F'ing Clarity Sample - Mental Clarity, Memory + Brain Boosting Supplement

    74 reviews

      The Smartest Thing You'll Swallow™

      Samples are free, we just ask to cover shipping. Sending out thousands of samples each week get's fairly pricey, covering shipping tremendously helps us (only $3.99)!

      Once we send you a sample, you have 14 days to give it a shot! After the 14 days we will send you a 30-day supply for only $23.99. Don't worry you can pause, cancel or adjust your account anytime online on our website!

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      my clarity is focus, stress free and in my industry i'm now calm cool and collected

      Dan A.
      United States United States
      Really does clear the mind

      Great for whenever it feels like my brain is lacking something, usually some hours after consuming another chemical. Helps prevent caffeine crashes. Makes normalizing after consuming THC easier.

      United States United States
      Felt a difference

      This worked well with the f'n anxiety pills. Felt a difference later that day while working. Minimal distraction.

      Kristin B.
      United States United States

      Effective and worked without jitters .

      United States United States
      Pretty Clear

      Have to say that having tried many stacks this one has provided the best for clarity. Thank you!

      Raistlin D.
      United States United States

      7 Nutrients
      No B.S.

      Bacopa Extract

      Commonly used for improving memory, anxiety, and ADHD among many other uses.

      300 mg

      Phosphatidylserine 20%

      Phosphatidylserine plays an important role in keeping your mind and memory sharp

      100 mg

      Gingko Biloba (24%)

      Increases circulation in the brain. Improves memory, focus and attention span.

      100 mg

      Rhodiola Rosea Extract

      Reduces stress, combats fatigue, increases mental performance, mental fitness, and resilience.

      50 mg

      DMAE Bitrartrate

      Used to improve brain function in people with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and ADHD.

      50 mg


      Boosts your energy, improves your memory and helps prevent heart disease.

      500 mcg


      A natural nootropic promoting healthy memory and cognition. Also increases acetycholine.

      50 mcg


      Our product has compounding effects, depending on adrenal fatigue and tolerance, it may take a couple days to get the added clarity benefits.

      Increase Memory
      + Brain Health

      Nootropics support working memory, storage, recall, knowledge retention and more.

      Eliminate Mental Fatigue + Fogginess

      Nootropics make you feel sharp between the ears. They even help with speaking.

      Increase Processing
      + Reasoning

      Improve problem solving and processing of new information.

      Mood + Self
      Esteem Booster

      Nootropics can help boost your mood and confidence.

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