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5 Daily Habits Ease Anxiety

We believe that everyone can benefit from ways to reduce stress and anxiety with little lifestyle changes 💡...

But these tips might come in particularly handy when you need to calm your worried mind and ease your anxiety! 🔥

Anxiety is an emotion we ALL feel from time to time, characterized by a state of inner turmoil and accompanied by some type of nervous behavior – the type that other people might point at and tell you to, you know, “just relax”.

Well, here’s how you can try to relax before it takes over today’s good mood:

🌤️ Make sleep a priority, every day.

It’s hard to be in a good mood when you’re exhausted. It’s even harder when you’re both exhausted and anxious. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep, because too little sleep affects (worsens!) mood.

🌤️ Go easy on the coffee.

Despite therapy and other mindfulness strategies you might be sticking to, high caffeine intake is likely to make your anxiety and sleep problems worse. Coffee is a stimulant so go easy on it, especially when you’re already feeling pretty anxious.

🌤️ Start meditating.

Meditation will help you reduce worrying thoughts and replace them with a feeling of balance, calm and focus. Even if it’s not your thing, meditation is a great tool to take control of your mental health – so maybe give it 5 minutes a day?

🌤️ Clean!

An uncluttered environment will lead to reduced anxiety. Plus, it turns out that homekeeping activities like cooking, tidying and cleaning calm the mind. Think of it as active meditation! It doesn’t require much thought, but it’ll make you get up and get out of that funk!

🌤️ Breathing

Focus on slow, deep breaths throughout the day to keep anxiety at bay. Focusing more on your breath, you may find yourself focusing less on your anxiety. (And, if you want a little extra help in the focusing department, why not give @fingfocus a try too?)

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