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5 Morning Rituals to make you more productive and happier

Do you find it a challenge to start your day on the correct note?
Do you feel that starting your day in a more positive way would help?

How we start our morning has a big impact on the rest of our day.

Here are 5 actionable steps that you can make today!

Turn onto yourself, not your phone. Leave your phone alone for a good portion of your morning. Especially when you wake up. Read or relax your mind by tuning into how you feel.

Map out a daily plan, instead of a simple to-do list. Being detail is key here. How, when and for how long are you planning for each task. Be specific. This will help relieve any anxiety you have about the day.

Simplify decision-making processes. Can larger more complicated jobs be broken down into smaller more manageable actions? Can you delegate effectively? This will make your run smoother.

Spending some time outside will help clear your mind. Can you cycle or walk to work? If this is not possible or you work from home go for a short walk or stretch your body outside in the fresh air.

Replenish your body with lemon water. Having this drink early in the morning will help detoxify your body and will hydrate you after sleeping.

Are these actions that you will implement and try out?

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