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5 Unusual Ways To Boost Your Mental Health

Just like you, we used to think that to boost your mental health, you need to do some crossword puzzles, read books, play sudoku, and stuff like that.⁣
Sure, those work really well. But what if I told you that you can do stuff that seems completely unrelated to mental health but still get the same benefits that the aforementioned activities give you?⁣🙌
Dang, that previous sentence is quite a mouthful. Let's just get to it!⁣

Here are 5 unusual ways to boost your mental health:⁣

🌄 Get into nature!

Let's be honest here. There are a few things that can match the peace of mind a hike provides you with. The air is a lot better, you're around lots of plants, you might spot a few animals- do I really need to go on? It makes you wanna set up a camp and just relax!⁣

💃 Go dancing! ⁣

Dancing is an amazing way to express your feelings, but what does this mean for your mental health? Well, dancing makes your brain produce endorphins, thus making you feel like a million bucks!


😂 Laugh as often as possible! ⁣

This needs no further explanation. Being happy relieves stress! I mean, think about it. Laughing takes your mind off negativity and replaces that with positivity!⁣

🎤 Sing whenever you can!⁣

There have been multiple studies that have shown the amazing effects of singing on your mental health. You may not sound like the next Mariah Carey, but hey. If it works, it works!

💕 Focus on being more grateful!⁣

Being grateful and just appreciating the things you have in life has shown to have amazing effects on your mental health. Who knew something so easy could have such amazing effects?

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