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Communicate Your Way To Success

Do you sometimes feel like your message is getting lost along the way?⁣

Effective communication is crucial for business and in our relationships. It's how we express our thoughts and feelings so that others can understand our message. ⁣

Whether you are a leader and are aiming to inspire your team or you have a conversation with your partner in the evening, how we communicate will impact how successful we are.⁣

Communication is so important that it's often listed as one of the most important skills by employers. ⁣

Since communication is vital to success; here are some ways you can work on improving your communication skills:⁣

👂Truly listen to what they are saying, don't just nod your head in agreement.⁣

📱Remove distractions such as your phone and laptop so you can give the other person your full attention.⁣

🤨Your body language is your biggest non-verbal communication tool. Use it in a way to set the right tone for your conversation.⁣

👩‍⚖️ Who you are speaking to should determine your tone and language.

❓ When someone gives you a task, don't be afraid to ask questions and paraphrase what they said to show you understand the task.⁣

🙊Don't jump in and finish someone's sentence; allow them the chance to express their thoughts.⁣

❌It's okay to disagree on a topic, but try to avoid judgemental language when you do disagree.⁣

✋Set your boundaries and be assertive when you speak to others so that they are aware of what you deem appropriate or not.⁣

Communication can be our biggest asset if we use it correctly.⁣

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