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Creating a productive and healthy workspace

It’s been said that a cluttered space reflects a cluttered mind.
Your workspace is probably where you spend the majority of your time. If you, like many in the world, have had to resort to home-offices during 2020, it’s useful to consider how your workspace can affect your productivity. ⁣

Add these elements to your space to make it a more serene environment in which to work.⁣

🌞Natural light:⁣

Some studies show that natural light increases work productivity. Not only does it help make spaces feel bigger, but it also makes them appear less gloomy. So open up your blinds and let that light in!⁣

Keep it tidy and clutter-free:⁣

A clean and organized workspace is easier to work in. There are fewer things to distract you while you work and you’ll find the documents and tools you need much faster. Consider investing in desk and drawer organizers to keep things where you’ll find them.⁣

🍃Fresh air

Fresh, circulating air clears the mind. People report feeling tired and unfocused in stuffy environments. Set yourself up where you have access to a window so you can clear out stagnant air.⁣

🌿 Get a few plants:⁣

Indoor plants can help clean and filter air, and add a bright touch to any room. Consider investing in some plants that are easy to care for to liven up your working area.⁣

🧍Try a standing desk:⁣

It’s easy to feel tired and distracted if you’re forced to be still for hours. A standing desk is a great way to counteract this and is especially useful for those who require more movement in their day.⁣

💦Stay hydrated:⁣

Keep a jug of water or water bottle in your workspace to keep up your hydration levels. Dehydration decreases your efficiency and focus. Make it easy to stay hydrated by having it nearby.⁣

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