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Creative tips to do a brain dump

How often have you been talking to someone only to realize you have no idea what they just said because your thoughts are a million miles away?

Sometimes we have all these thoughts just roaming around in our minds and causing so much white noise that it's difficult to concentrate, sleep, or focus.

It can become overwhelming just thinking of the list of the 101 things that you still need to do. Sometimes it can leave you feeling anxious and like you have no idea how to start.😫

Perhaps you have tons of creative ideas swarming around and when you want to come back to them to get started you can not remember what they were and you hit a creative block.

Brain dumps are a way to organize and prioritize all these thoughts that are making it hard for you to concentrate or focus. Often getting all these thoughts out and into words can help you feel calmer and more level headed, ready to tackle any task.👊

Once all those thoughts are out, you are able to sort through them in an organized and logical manner. You can prioritize what needs to be done first, or you can expand on a great idea you had. Perhaps it's a place to release pent up frustration and negative thoughts that you couldn't let go of any other way. 🤸‍♂️

Some great ways to put those thoughts into words are:

1️⃣ Google docs are great for longer notes.

2️⃣ Your own slack channel is an awesome way to communicate with work colleagues.

3️⃣ Whiteboard/ chalkboard is fantastic for a visual way to view your thoughts.

4️⃣ Email yourself to make sure you don't forget anything.

5️⃣ Desk calendars are great to remind yourself of important dates or facts.

6️⃣ Diaries are perfect for bullet journaling.

7️⃣ Pen and paper is a handy option for around the office.

8️⃣ Sticky note apps are wonderful ways to keep reminders on your computer screen.

Whichever way you prefer, a brain dump is a great way to help you feel more organized and bring the focus back.🤸‍♂️

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