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❗ Do you suffer from headaches regularly?

Headaches can get in the way of productivity and even impede overall quality of life.
Usually, they are often overlooked, but when they start becoming more prevalent, it’s time to consider what could be the true underlying cause.
Some people simply learn to tolerate them, but wouldn’t you rather be able to go about your day to day life pain-free?

👇 Many external factors can be a huge driving point for headaches. Some factors include:

🍻 Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can cause headaches due to its relaxant effect on blood vessels. This increases the amount of blood that can be transported to the brain.

👃 Strong odors

Some individuals can be highly sensitive to certain odours or smells. Strong odours can trigger you to respond with a headache.

💊 Certain medications

Certain medications can cause adverse side effects like headaches of varying degrees.

🌾 Seasonality

A change in seasons can trigger cluster headaches. This typically occurs during spring or autumn.

🥄 Increased sugar intake

High intakes of sugar can lead to a sharp increase in glucose levels followed by a sharp crash. A fluctuation like this can lead to headaches and cause you feeling quite lethargic.

🤕 High-stress levels

Tensions headaches can occur as a result of high-stress levels. High amounts of stress cause muscles in your scalp and neck to tighten.

🙅 Poor posture

Poor posture puts a strain on your upper back and neck muscles, when these are constricted and tight, a headache can arise due to tension.

👉 If you can identify or associate yourself with any of these factors, you may need to consider ways in which you can work to actively mitigate these factors.

👉 If you experience headaches most days for ongoing amounts of times on end, it’s advisable that you book in a visit to your doctor.

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