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Should you be drinking coffee?

So many of us grab a cup of coffee or tea in the morning to wake up our brains and get us ready for the day ahead.⁣

From aromatic espressos brewing in the morning to steeping your favorite herbal tea - caffeine, is one of the most widely used ingredients to enhance mental clarity.⁣

But should you be drinking it? Is caffeine too good to be true?⁣

Yes and no.⁣

With everything in life, there needs to be a balance to your caffeine intake. Naturally, 5 cups of coffee in the morning is not a healthy start to any day.⁣

But a cup of your favorite roasted coffee beans to get you energized or that perfect cup of calming tea to get your mindset right for the day can have its benefits.⁣

So, why does caffeine affect us? ⁣

It is because caffeine can mimic adenosine, which can lead to an impact on your attention, alertness, and sleep.⁣

Of course, this impact can have positive and negative effects on our bodies.⁣

Caffeine can have many benefits:⁣

✅Increasing your focus⁣

✅ Improving your mood⁣

✅ Giving you more energy⁣

✅ Boosting your memory

But there is a downside to caffeine:⁣

❌It could increase your blood pressure.⁣

❌ May lead to heartburn.⁣

❌ It could impact your sleep negatively.⁣

❌ It may cause digestive problems.⁣

Those of us who drink caffeine in the morning see it as a signal that the day has begun. It’s like the flag that drops at the start of a race. But make sure you are drinking caffeine in moderation to avoid undoing all its positive benefits.

Are you a tea or a coffee drinker in the morning?🍵☕⁣

Let us know below!👇⁣

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