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Exercises to sharpen your mind

Your brain is arguably the most important organ, Stay sharp⁣ 🔪

It allows you to think, remember, feel, make rational decisions- basically any of the functions that make us human.⁣

With this in MIND, we need to keep exercising our brain in order to enhance its functions and maintain mental sharpness. (Pretty good pun, huh?)⁣

Here are some ways to exercise your brain:⁣

❗Learn a new language

Learning a new language enhances neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain's neural networks to reorganize itself. Enhancing this allows your brain to be more open to more information.⁣


Let's be honest, Sudoku is tough. However, it is an excellent way to enhance your ability to focus. It also enhances your ability to recognize the relationship between elements (Pattern Awareness!)⁣


Tetris is a fun way to enhance your spatial awareness. In Tetris' fast-paced environment, you are constantly looking for areas that can fit your blocks.⁣

❗Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles allow you to enhance your ability to recall information because you need to be able to recall the word the description is referring to in order to fill up the boxes.⁣

❗Trivia games

Though simple, trivia games require you to recall your learnings in order to answer the questions.⁣

What's your favorite brain exercise? Let me know!⁣👇

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