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Foods that impede your focus and concentration 👇

Did you know that certain foods that we eat have a big impact on our ability to focus and concentrate?

Here are some foods that are best to avoid/consume in moderation:

🍩🍪🍫 Foods high in trans fat

These foods are typically very high in calories. In addition to this, they aren’t usually very micronutrient dense and can also contain a high amount of refined sugar. As a result, these foods tend to cause our blood sugar to spike, causing more insulin to be released making us feel hungry soon after consumption.

🍞🍰 Refined Carbohydrates

Like the above foods, refined carbohydrates aren’t a fantastic source of energy. They tend to spike our blood sugar causing a quick release of energy which then disappears quickly, leaving us feeling hungry again.

🧉Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are full of additives and preservatives. Many of these have been shown to affect focus and concentration in a negative way. They also offer nothing in terms of micronutrients.

🍔🍕Ultra-processed foods

These foods are far from their natural form, containing a number of synthetic ingredients. Many of these ingredients can impact our energy balance in a negative way preventing us from concentrating effectively. In addition, these foods are generally high in fat, sugar, and refined carbohydrates which our bodies don’t tend to use effectively for energy production.


As a depressant, alcohol affects the brain in a way that makes concentration and focusing difficult. Excessive drinking can also lead to hangovers which are a product of fatigue, drowsiness, dehydration, nausea, and headaches. These symptoms all affect our ability to focus.

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