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4 Ways to Keep Your Brain Young

❗Did you know that there are many things that we can do day to day to keep our brains healthy?

4 Ways to Keep Your Brain Young 👇

🧠 Engage in mental stimulation

Keeping your brain active is crucial. You might like to complete puzzles, drawing as well as reading can help your brain stay young. These types of activities also stimulate our brain in different ways which help keep us engaged. There's a great app called Elevate, give it a shot!

🏃Exercise regularly

Exercise is known to keep us physically young and strong. Mentally, exercise is great for releasing endorphins and dopamine which are both mood-boosting chemicals. Mix up your exercise with cardio and resistance training. This will benefit you physically as well as mentally. If you're interested in the science behind lifting, try the Hypertrophy Coach App (the best personal trainer in your pocket).

Build strong social networks

Having a strong social network can widen your experiences and opportunities. People have different lived experiences which when shared can create special communities. If these networks are online, make sure that you build in-person networks too.

🌿 Increase your consumption of plant foods

Plant foods are naturally nutrient-dense. They are high in antioxidants which have been shown to fight diseases and free radicals.

All of these elements combine together to provide you with a powerful supplement that can be used to give you an edge every day.

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