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Hacks To Stay Focused During The Day

Have you struggled to concentrate effectively throughout the day? Are there many distractions around you stopping you from working effectively?😕😕
📈Here are some great hacks to help you stay focused and motivated.
These hacks can work at anytime!

📵Keep your phone turned off while conducting important tasks

Our phones can be a huge distraction. Whilst they keep us connected with others, there are times when they prevent us from working effectively. If you have a deadline or an important task due, either switch your phone off or set it to do not disturb mode. Give yourself 30-45 minutes of efficient work time without checking your phone needlessly.

🏃Have breaks and exercise for one hour during the day

Exercise has been shown to improve and enhance cognitive function. Use exercise as a way to have a break from work and to give your mind a rest. Keeping physically fit will help you stay focused throughout the day.

✔️Break large tasks down into smaller tasks

Ever felt overwhelmed by a big job or task?🤯Don’t think too much about the end goal, rather divide that larger task into much smaller manageable ones. This will allow you to work more efficiently and effectively without feeling overwhelmed.

💻Use clever software to avoid distractions

There are a number of software programmes that can limit our access to distracting sites. For instance if we have no need to access social media for a while, use computer software and phone apps to block access. This will keep you on task.

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