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Keeping your mind young is easier than you think

Maybe you have walked into the kitchen, and you can't remember why, or perhaps you are struggling to recall a familiar face.⁣

Memory lapse happens at any age, but as we get older, it starts to upset us more. It might be because we fear what it means when simple things slip our minds.⁣

Our minds need exercise to keep them sharp, just as our bodies need movement to stay healthy.⁣

When most people talk about aging gracefully, they are talking about your physical appearance. But that doesn't mean your mind can't age gracefully too.⁣

So keep your mind sharp by incorporating these exercises:⁣

👃Simulate your sense regularly⁣

Taste, sound, smell, sight, and touch. The more senses you use when trying to learn something, the better your brain will be at retaining the information. ⁣

📅 Economize your brain⁣

Instead of trying to remember small details like the time of your coffee date with your friends, make use of calendars and planners to keep routine information accessible. Doing this allows your brain to spend more mental energy on the things you want to retain.⁣

🙌Believe in yourself⁣

Myths about aging and the impact it has on your memories can play a role in your mental clarity. If you believe you can improve and you translate that belief into practice, you have a better chance of keeping your mind sharp. ⁣

📚Never stop learning⁣

Keep your brain active by keeping it busy. Learn a new skill, read; write your life story; do crossword or jigsaw puzzles. Why not try volunteering for a new project at work that requires you to learn new skills?⁣

👂Repeat the things you want to remember⁣

A good way to remember something you just read heard or thought about is to repeat so that your brain can reinforce the memory connection.⁣

Forget about being young at heart, rather stay young at mind.🧠

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