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Life cycle of a brain

The brain goes through its own growth cycle along with the rest of your body. That’s why it’s important to keep your mind sharp to delay the onset of age-related deterioration. ⁣
The state of our brain as we age makes us more amenable to certain things. Find out more about what you’re capable of at different ages.⁣

🧠 This is the simplified life cycle of a brain:⁣

👶0-5: growth, reaching 90% of its adult size at age 5⁣

During these years, this is an optimal phase for acquiring new skills. A great analogy is a brain being like a sponge.⁣

👦5-10: Rapid development of language and spatial understanding⁣

At this stage, language development is heightened and intellectually the brain can begin to grasp abstract concepts such as love and empathy.

👱10-30: Reaches maturity, the peak of complex reasoning, creativity, long-term memory⁣

During this stage, the brain is able to fully grasp abstract principles and invent new ones. Mathematical skills and comprehension tend to be at their peak.⁣

🧔30-40: Slow and gradual decline of brain volume ⁣

During middle age, the brain volume begins to physically decrease but this has no significant effect on brain function and cognitive ability.⁣

👨‍🦳40-50: Softening of short-term memory⁣

A lot of brain activity is consolidated in long-term memory but there may be some forgetfulness.⁣

⁣🧓50-70: Ability to multitask and learn new information may decrease, while problem-solving, wisdom, and creativity remain sharp⁣

Further aging is correlated with decreased neuro-plasticity which means that it’s harder to learn new things. Skills and tasks that have been already learned tend to remain sharp and accessible.⁣

👵70+: Noticeable cognitive decline, many remain creative and sharp⁣

At older ages, forgetfulness is noticeable in some people, but many remain sharp, able to contribute creatively and intellectually. ⁣

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