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Natural vs. Synthetic Nootropics

Nootropics are a great tool to use to boost your cognitive performance and brain health. ⁣
There are both natural and synthetic nootropics available. It’s important to understand how their differences. ⁣
Using nootropics, in general, has many benefits but using them in an informed way can improve your experience.⁣

🌱 Natural⁣

Natural nootropics are compounds that are found in nature and available from different edible sources. ⁣

They’re often used in traditional medicines to nourish and protect the brain. ⁣

These can be consumed through your diet where you’ll intake small quantities of them.⁣

These Include:  🌱Herbs⁣⁣   🌱 Vitamins   🌱 Nutrients such as fatty acids or antioxidants⁣

💊 Synthetic⁣

Synthetic nootropics on the other hand are not naturally occurring, but artificial substances.

These are produced through chemical synthesis and often have a more rapid and noticeable effect. ⁣

These are typically pharmaceutical agents such as prescription drugs. As such, there can be risks of adverse reactions.⁣

To help improve focus and concentration try implementing a natural nootropic such as F’ing Focus. 🧠

💥Natural Nootropics such as F’ing Focus act as a vasodilator against the small arteries and veins in the brain meaning more blood is able to transport vital nutrients and oxygen to the brain to improve cognition and energy use.

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