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Quick Ways To Reduce Stress At Work

In today’s world, it’s incredibly easy to get stressed out or even remain at a heightened level of stress for most of your day.
Over time, chronic stress can lead to quite severe health outcomes or implications, as well as greatly impact your overall quality of life in the meantime.
If you find yourself constantly falling into a state of stress, try to implement some of these tactics listed below...

🗂️ Get organized

Plan regular breakfast throughout your day, prioritize your most important tasks and projects earlier in the day.

✴️ Take a deep breath

Do a quick one-minute breathing exercise where you focus solely on your breath.

➡️ Avoid interruptions

Turn off notifications, place your phone on silent, block off time in your calendar to get your most important tasks done.

🗓️ Make a schedule

Schedule in everything you have to do over your day or week, where possible, delegate the things you don’t have to do yourself to reduce stressors.

👉 Recognize self-imposed stress

Track your stressors by keeping a journal for a week or so to help identify which situations may bring on the most stress, from here you can navigate how to better respond to these.

🙆 Meditate and stretch

Pencil in a quick mediation or stretching session to help physically relieve a build-up of tension in the body and take a quick mental time out.

🌿 Go outside

Spending time outside in nature is an effective way to reduce stress and enhance mood. Try going for a brisk walk during your break where possible.

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