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The 7 C’s of Communication

The 7 C’s of communication is a list for both written and verbal communications to ensure they are both efficient and effective.

Use these key elements as a checklist to improve all aspects of your own communication methods and gain more recognition in doing so.

1️⃣ Complete:

Does your message contain everything it needs?

2️⃣ Correct:

Try to avoid typos or errors. Use correct facts and figures and ensure the right level of langue is used.

3️⃣ Concise:

Keep it clear and to the point. Avoid filler sentences and words.

4️⃣ Courteous:

Ensure message is tactful - Being polite builds goodwill.

5️⃣ Clear:

Make your objective clear, avoid using complex words and phrases.

6️⃣ Concrete:

Be specific with your message, not vague. Use facts and figures to support your message thoroughly.

7️⃣ Coherent:

Does your message make sense? Ensure it flows logically and avoid covering too much.

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