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Tips for a successful brain dump️

A brain dump is a great way to get all those thoughts that are jumbled up in your head out into the world. 🌎
By doing a brain dump you are taking all those intangible thoughts and making them real by making them tangible. There are tons of ways to do a brain dump from bullet journals, to the note section on your phone. The key thing is getting them out and into a visual format. 📱
Brain dumps are great for when you are starting to feel unproductive, bogged down and overwhelmed. Or for those moments when you are waking up in the middle of the night with 100 different ideas and plans. Worse yet, those lightbulb moments that are going to change your life but then 15 minutes later you forgot your idea. 💡
Brain dumps are a great way to help give you some mental clarity and to help make sure you remember those great ideas. 📚
However, sometimes we sit down ready to get all these ideas, thoughts and feelings out of our system but we sit there staring at a blank page. Or we go through our brain dump list and we are even more confused than before.

So here are some tips for a successful brain dump:

🧠 Open up a google doc or use a pen and paper

Starting with something simple that is easy to grab for those light bulb moments.

🧠 Add to the original list

Instead of having 5 lists for 1 project just add the new ideas to the original list for that project.

🧠 Break down big projects into small tasks

Slow and steady. Often looking at a huge task can feel overwhelming. So break it down into bite size chunks you can manage.

🧠 Categorize your brain dump list

Keeping things organized makes it easier to come back to at a later stage.

🧠 Go for a walk

Take a break, get moving and come back with a fresh set of eyes.

🧠 Start writing

It doesn't have to be perfect, the best way to start writing is to just start writing.

🧠 Set a timer

Make sure you set a timer if you have a time limit so you don't fall behind on other projects.

🧠 Set up one bullet point

Often you find the hardest part is the first bullet point, after that things start to follow naturally as you get into the swing of things.

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