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Tips For The Ultimate Home Office 💻⁣

If you are someone who is working from home, you would agree that the primary spot of your workday is your home office.

Whether that is the kitchen table or a designated room, it's the space we have designated as our base of operations.⁣

Since our home office is our space where we should be the most productive, we should be making sure that the room is a room we enjoy being in. It should set a productive and warm mood so that we feel inspired and motivated to take on the working world.⁣

So what puts you in a productive headspace? Here are some tips you can try to renovate your home office into your most productive room:⁣

Tips for a Productive Home Office

🌵 Add some color and greenery with indoor plants and flowers.⁣

📑 Set smaller to-do lists; so you don't become overwhelmed.⁣

🧘‍♀️Use your breaks in meaningful and productive ways; so you feel recharged.⁣

👩‍💻Keep your desk free of clutter to help keep you focused and in control.⁣

👃Use your favorite smelling essentials oils and room diffusers to help keep your mood calm and focused.⁣

🧼Keep your whole house tidy, so you are not thinking about the washing you need to fold when you are working on emails.⁣

👂Repeat the things you want to remember⁣

What have you done in 2020 to improve your home office space! 👇⁣ LMK below.

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