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Top 10 soft skills to practice daily

Soft skills are absolutely vital in today's world. We use them at work, school, with our partners, kids, and everyone we come into contact with.

They are the skills we have been learning and using since we could communicate with another person.

Soft skills can help us better understand the world around us and help us improve our ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings to others. Not only are soft skills impactful on our personal lives but they can have a sway on our careers too. Many times recruiters and employers are looking for candidates with great soft skills along with the technical know-how.

Imagine going to a doctor with the best knowledge in the world but an awful bedside manner - chances are you would not want to go back to them. That's the impact of soft skills.

We all have different areas where we can improve our soft skills based on who we are as a person. But some of the most important soft skills we should be practicing are:


Being able to make tough decisions, and motivate others is a skill that many employers look for in candidates.


Own your work, the good and the bad. Care about the things you do and put effort into making sure that it's done to the best of your abilities.


Effective communication is crucial to any interaction with another person. So often we think of communication as being able to successfully get our thoughts and feeling across that we forget that listening is just as important.

Problem Solving

Keeping a calm and level head is just as important as an analytic and creative resolution to problem-solving.


Making a decision and sticking to it. Have trust in your own abilities.


Being able to adapt and adjust to any situation is an essential soft skill - especially in our new normal.

Time Management

Prioritizing your tasks and duties are great to help make sure you can honour your responsibilities and commitments.


Keeping yourself motivated to complete a task even when it is hard and there are many distractions is a vital skill.

Conflict resolution

Being able to solve conflicts is often dependent on your interpersonal skills as you often need to rely on your relationships with the people involved in the conflict to find a way through.

Soft skills are not something that can be taught, and often we will be better at some soft skills than others depending on our own personalities and abilities. What’s important is that we keep trying to improve our skills everyday.

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