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Top 5 Brain training apps to improve memory and concentration 📱

👉 Just like you need to work out for greater overall physical health, you need to work out and challenge your brain to achieve optimal brain health too.
You can easily get in an effective brain workout with these top five phone apps. Start small by simply setting aside a few minutes each day to work through some tasks or challenges in the app.
Over time, you can gradually build upon this. Read through the list and take your pick on which app to get started with 👇

1️⃣ Lumosity

Games that focus on improving the user’s memory, problem-solving capability, attention span and thinking.

2️⃣ Fit Brains Trainer

10 sets of games that work on different areas of the brain and improve memory and concentration.

3️⃣ Cognifit Brain Fitness

Improves cognitive abilities, which includes memory and concentration.

4️⃣ Brain Fitness Pro

Aims to improve the IQ of a user, and improve intelligence and memory.

5️⃣ Happify

Loaded with quizzes, polls and gratitude journals, which work on the fundamentals of positive psychology.

To help improve focus and concentration try implementing a natural nootropic such as F’ing Focus. 🧠

💥Natural Nootropics such as F’ing Focus act as a vasodilator against the small arteries and veins in the brain meaning more blood is able to transport vital nutrients and oxygen to the brain to improve cognition and energy use.

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