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What to do when work overwhelms you

Work can sometimes feel like a nightmare. There are those days where it feels like you spent all day working and yet you got absolutely nothing done. 😫
It's so easy to become overwhelmed at work and the line between "I have got this" and "I bite off more than I can chew" becomes blurred. So we keep our nose to the grind and hope that by cracking away at those tasks our to-do list will get smaller and eventually we will be back in control.
This can lead to more stress and puts us at risk of burnout at work. Sometimes all it takes is one extra task on our to-do list that leaves us feeling overwhelmed and trapped.🏃‍♀️

The next time work seems like a never-ending task that you could never get through, stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and try these steps:

1️⃣ Cut your to-do list down to the 5 most important tasks

Prioritize what is the most important and which tasks have the closest deadline.

2️⃣ Do a brain dump

Take all the thoughts that are in a jumble in your head and get them out into the world so you can clearly visualize them.

3️⃣ Go over your goals to excite you

Remember why you picked this career or company. Remembering what you love about what you do is a great way to get motivated again.

4️⃣ Get the worst or heaviest task completed first

The task you are dreading the most - do that first. Putting off tasks that are "too big" or things you don't want to do only adds to the feeling of dread and being overwhelmed.

5️⃣ Get more sleep

A full night's sleep is crucial to helping you perform at your best levels.

What do you do to cope when the stress of work makes you feel overwhelmed? Comment below how you get yourself back on track at work.

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