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What’s in F’ing Focus

❗Do you know what ingredients we use in our nootropics?

There are a range of different ingredients that can help you concentrate,

focus and productivity.

Here are 4 key ingredients, each with a slightly different benefit:

💢 Bacopa Extract

This ingredients aids in memory, anxiety and attention disorders. As an ingredient in F’ing Focus, it can help to improve our memory retention and recall. This can particularly help with exams and studying.

💯 Black Pepper Fruit Extract

Improves attention, reasoning skills and motivation. Ever needed to get a big project finished? Struggling to think clearly? This ingredient helps with this. It’ll give you that extra boost in motivation and attention to detail to get things done.

✅ Alpha GPC

Keeping our brains healthy is really important, especially considering we expect concentration levels to always be high. Alpha GPC helps with brain health by increasing the amount of acetylcholine.

❗Citrus Sinensis Peel

Protecting our brain from stress is absolutely key. In particular oxidative stress can be damaging reducing our concentration times and ability to do good quality work. Citrus Sinensis Peel is a key ingredient because it has antioxidant properties helping to protect our brain.

If you would like more information on the ingredients that are in F’ing Focus and how they can help you, click below for a Free Nootropic Sample. 👇👇👇

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