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Yoga Poses To Boost Brain Power

Being flexible and having a fluid range of movement is excellent for your health. Stretching, Pilates, and Yoga can all help you maintain a nimble body that responds to your demands.⁣

But there are a few movements that have a double duty as they impact your mind as well as improving your health.🙌⁣

Yoga is a great way to boost your brainpower by focusing your mind and improving your mental clarity.⁣

If you are getting starting with yoga, and some poses look a little too daunting to attempt, don't worry!⁣

You can stick to simple poses and allow your mind to relax and refocus as you work through the movements. 😉⁣

Often a session of yoga in the mornings can give you a great sense of calmness for the rest of the day. Or an evening class is an excellent way to relieve some of the tension from the day, allowing your mind space to focus on what's important to you.⁣

Practicing yoga daily could help with:⁣

👉Calming your mind⁣

👉Releasing negative emotions ⁣

👉Improving your concentration and memory⁣

👉Building your confidence⁣

Some of the best poses to boost your brainpower are:⁣

1️⃣Lotus poses⁣

2️⃣Half spinal twist⁣

3️⃣Diamond poses⁣


5️⃣Seated normal bend⁣

6️⃣Plow pose⁣

7️⃣Peacock pose⁣

Remember to start simple until you are confident in your ability before moving on to other poses that are more complex! ⁣

Catching a yoga class can be an excellent way to make time for yourself and your health.⁣

And it gives you the chance to learn from some knowledgeable yoga gurus.⁣

Leave a comment down below with your favorite yoga pose.👇

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