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Negative effects of poor posture

❓Have you ever considered the effects of poor posture? Ever felt tension in key areas such as your neck or lower back? This could be a sign of poor posture.❓

Here are some associated negative effects of poor posture.

  1. Compression of abdominal organs.
  2. Poor digestion.
  3. Muscle tension.
  4. Headaches.
  5. Forward head posture and rounded shoulders.
  6. Decreased cognitive capacity.
  7. Decreased lung capacity.
  8. Decreased confidence.
  9. Less oxygen carried to the brain.

❌ Poor posture is usually characterized by standing with our head pushing forward, our shoulders rounded and our lower back curved. Standing and carrying ourselves like this causes the above issues, some of which can make our every day lives a challenge!

✅ Correct this by standing tall. Keep your spine neutral and retract your shoulders back slightly. This will relieve pressure on the base of your neck.


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