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Ways to keep focus during the day

Is it another one of those days? You enter the workplace feeling all hyped up and ready for a productive day. You're killing it, but somewhere during the middle of the day, you feel something weird.⁣😖
You suddenly feel like all your motivation has gone away! And just like that, your productivity declines and you end the day feeling bad.⁣😓
In times like that, your focus and mental clarity will most likely be the issue. There is usually something that is fogging up your mind and blocking the productivity juices from flowing!⁣

If you want to keep that focus throughout the day, try these out:⁣

👉Take breaks! Have a brain refresher every once in a while!⁣

👉Minimize multitasking! Focusing on one task at a time improves your focus.⁣

👉Meditate! Breathe in, breathe out. Relax.

👉Stare at a distant object for a few minutes! This restarts your focus!⁣


👉Exercise regularly! Exercise helps relieve stress and makes your brain release feel-good hormones.⁣

👉Get enough sleep! You really can't expect to stay focused when you're feeling drained, right?⁣

👉Establish a to-do-list! A to-do-list lets you know what tasks you have to do and the amount of time you should allocate towards doing these!⁣

These 7 tips really get the job done. However, you shouldn't settle for the bare minimum. Try out F'ing Clarity! This keeps distractions off your mind and helps you stay focused on the tasks at hand. I don't know how else to put this, but this stuff is pure magic.⁣✨

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