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Neuroplasticity 101

We often hear about neuroplasticity, but what is it exactly? 🤔⁣
Put simply,To breakdown the word, neuro = brain, plasticity = the ability to be shaped or molded.⁣
Put together neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to be shaped or molded.⁣
When your brain is presented with a stimulus, it forms neurological pathways to transmit the signal of this stimulus. It does this so it can give an appropriate response or reaction.⁣

In a basic sense, it accounts for why we flinch when we touch hot objects. Then avoid touching the same object without checking.😬🔥 ⁣
In a more abstract sense this accounts for us associating memories with certain stimuli, such as scent or sound. 😌⁣
What happens in your physical brain is that your brain cells reshape themselves so that when you re-encounter the same stimulus, you respond faster to it.⁣
This ability to reshape itself is essentially neuroplasticity.⁣
As you can imagine, this ability is highly useful for learning and memory. 🧠⁣
As we age, the brain has less plasticity. This is because of the lifetime of encounters already established.👴⁣
Some studies show positive benefits of exercise, meditation, and a healthy lifestyle to boost neuroplasticity. ⁣
If you had infinite neuroplasticity, what would you want to learn?🧐

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